Technical advice:

1. Use Microsoft Edge for watching this website from a PC. Opera to watch it from a cell phone. 

2. A program called 4k download can be used to get the videos in its native resolution.

3. The first 100 - 150 posts are not ordered by performance date, they correspond to the newest or more recently updated posts in this website. 

4. Very old posts will not appear just by browsing, you need to perform a search or click a label.

5. You can search all the fancams/TV performances for a specific date just by typing the following code on the search box: 

For example: to get all the fancams/tv rips from January 3rd, 2015 you need to introduce 150103 on the search box at the top of the main page.

Note about the site: 

Not all kpop fancams posted on YouTube are present on this site. You can find the list of groups/singers at the bottom of the main page. 

There are not fancams previous to September 2013, that’s the date when I started this site. To include a fancam I follow this criteria:

     1.  The fancam is from the original fancamer and not a re-upload from someone else

2.   The fancam is of a kpop female group or singer with at least one single released. Dancing troupes are posted on kpopcovercams instead. 

3.    The original author has given permission to third party embedding (views from Kpopcams also count as views on YouTube).

4.     The fancam is on HD and of a reasonable quality.

5.    The performance includes dancing or some kind of choreography (with some exceptions).

TV performances have started to be added recently. They are embeds of TV rips uploaded by me to dailymotion. Some performances are missing due to copyright issues. There are not TV performances previous to July 2015. Only k-pop female groups are posted (and some female singers).

Additional explanations:

This site is very easy to use; however, here you have some explanations in case you want to know about it thoroughly. It contains 2 mayor sections:

Special: On this section you will not find fancams; Instead, I put recent official videos. After a few days they get erased and replaced by new ones. How can you access the old ones after they are gone? You can’t (unless you directly search for them on YouTube, of course). 

Latest Posts/Updates: This is the core and soul of Kpopcams; thousands of fancams are posted here (recently I am including also TV performances uploaded by me to dailymotion). They are divided on individual posts. The criteria to group the fancams has changed:

Any individual post previous to September 2014 will contain all the fancams I could find that contain a specific song from a specific band/singer on a given date.  The date is indicated by a 6 digit number, first 2 digits for the year; next 2 for the month and the last two for the day. For Example: 140504 Girl’s Day. Expectation.  will contain all the fancams of the group Girl’s Day singing the song “Expectation” the 4th of May of 2014. And at the end of the title I indicate the number of fancams the post contains.

Any individual post posterior to September 2014 is the same, except that it will contain all the fancams focused on a specific singer/group member from a given date. For example "140913 Hyuna (현아). 4Minute (포미닛)" will contain all the fancams of the group 4Minute focused on one of its members, called Hyuna, which took place the 13th of September of 2014. No matter the song (the song/songs will be indicated inside the post). On brackets I indicate the original Korean names. If the fancam is not focused on a specific member the post title will only contain the name of the group.

The TV performances are usually not grouped, each one has its specific post. The name indicate, first the date in which the performance was aired on TV, followed by the group/singer, song title and name of the show. 

The order of the fancams/tv performances is by post order (more recent appear first). If an old post gets updated with new fancams that have suddenly become available on YouTube (or that I had previously missed) it will recover the first position, until it gets displaced by new posts. This makes the list a little messy, but facilitates to check for any new fancams. The thumbnail will correspond to the latest fancam being added to the post. However, be aware that sometimes several fancams are added at the same time and there is obviously only one thumbnail, but you can look at the post date indicated behind each fancam to know wich fancams have been added since the last time you looked at the post. When a post gets displaced down by new ones and reaches the 100th position then it will move again and get ordered by performance date. This makes the process of checking and browsing old performances much easier.

Other sections: 

Biased fancam search: This section is provisional (and really ugly); I hope some day I will have time to improve it.

Featured updates:  Each day I select some fancams that have been added recently to Kpopcams and post them in this section, they usually last one day, until they get replaced by new ones.

Featured cover: Here I do the same for Kpopcovers, the little sister site of Kpopcams. If the site (dedicated to kpop female covers) gets more popular in the future I will improve it.

Music Videos: I have just embedded a YouTube playlist curated by me with all the pertinent MVs of a given year.

You can also vote for the fancam of the week, watch the most voted fancams, search by keyword, etc... It needs no explanation. From time to time there will be some special sections, like a voting poll for the fancam of the year, surveys, view the top 5 posts of the month or special important messages.

Before I finish I just want to ask you a favor, if you like this place please help me by making it more popular, write comments to the individual posts (it helps with the search engines), use the social media to make this place more well-known and if you have some time, please give me some feedback by email…

I am at your service.

Mr. Kpopcams


Notes and Technical Advice

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